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The vast and mysterious sea—filled with wonder and possibility. A churning, endless blue hiding priceless treasures waiting to be found. Sunken Cellars bottles the spirit of intrepid explorers who, with grit and skill, brave these wild oceans and recover their treasures for all to savor.

Sunken Cellars’ Founder and Chief Visionist, Patrick Palace had a dream; to make amazing wine in the South Sound.  But moreover, a dream of creating wine made for the freshest seafood unique to the Northwest and plentiful around the Southern Islands of Puget Sound.  Patrick started with this question: “If a perfectly dry white was made for seafood, aged in the cold waters of the Northwest and bottled straight from the briny oyster beds where it slept, how amazing would that be??”  Thus, the journey of Sunken Cellars began. 

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